I'm Paige. I'm a designer, investigator, and thinker. I love being creative. Whether it's painting, drawing, or graphic design. My goal is to allow people, to not only see, but have a connection with art. 

I keep you in mind when I design. I'd love to help you with your creative needs, and together come up with exaclty what you're picturing!

I look forward to working with you!

My father was a Renegade for God. He longed to bring people to church who didn't like church. Crazy, right? Nope! He did it and he did it well!

The words of God were spoken through him to touch the lives of hurting, messy people. He always made points more understandable by his unique descriptions. I introduce Fosterisms, words spoken by my father, Dr. David Foster. 

Dad knew how much it meant to me to create and how much joy it brought me. So, I hope this can bring others joy. It's my small way of honoring him and his legacy. 


Please contact me below with your order requests! Please include dimension, material (canvas/poster/picture print), and which fosterism you'd like to honor!

Looking to order a canvas print? 

Canvas prints:

  • 8x10                 $60.00
  • 11x14               $70.00
  • 12x12               $80.00
  • 16x20               $90.00
  • 20x24               $130.00
  • 20x30               $160.00

*Additional fee for shipping. 

  • Canvas Prints

    Looking to order a poster print?

Poster Prints:

  • 11x14               $30.00
  • 12x18               $33.00
  • 16x20               $35.00
  • 20x30               $43.00
  • 24x36               $50.00


*Additional fee for shipping. 

Poster Prints



Let me know what I can do to help you.

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